One Less Traveled
The Art of Post-Traumatic Growth

At twenty-two, Kevin Blanchard nearly lost everything serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. An Improvised Explosive Device took his legs, identity, and youthhood. Following an amputation, 30 surgeries, and 13 months in the hospital Kevin was medically retired. Driven by a newfound appreciation for life, Kevin explored his physical and mental limits by hiking across South America for six months alone, only one backpack, and no plan. Told with emotional suspense and humor, One Less Traveled flips Post Traumatic Stress into a roadmap for personal growth transcending our perceived limits of life.

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“My eyes popped open as I gasped for air when Dottie, the Emergency Room Nurse pulled on my feeding tube.”

I started choking from the tangled tube wrapped around my tonsils. It was the first week of July 2005, when I awoke in the hospital trying to remember what had happened. My mother was holding my hand and my father holding hers at my bedside. Even with the look of horror on their faces, I still felt some sense of security when I heard my mother’s soft southern voice say, “Kevin, everything will be okay, we are by your side.”  

Her sentiment was comforting, but I was more concerned with how I got there in the first place, and why I couldn’t move.


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Adversity doesn’t lead to personal growth itself, but rather, the thoughtful search to overcome. It’s within this search we discover ourselves.

Meet the Author - Kevin Blanchard

Originally from Roanoke, VA, after I was medically discharged from the military in 2006 I began studying International Business at The George Washington University, and then obtained a graduate degree from Catholic University. I had the opportunity to study in Europe and the honor of Co-Founding two non-profit organizations.

I worked for Veteran-Service Organizations until 2014 when I met my beautiful wife at a happy hour event in D.C. We have recently settled down in Charlottesville, VA working part-time for a local IT company and writing, which lead to the current development of my tech startup called (JBR).

JBR is the first social networking platform designed to help trauma survivors rebuild their identity by connecting with other like-minded survivors, and supportive organizations.

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